sábado, abril 19, 2008

Do you like ice-cream????

Who doesn´t like ice-cream??? Actually I met a person once, who didn´t like ice-cream; also met a lady who didn´t like pizza!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!

Anyways, this is the most "easy-to-prepare" recipe for ice-cream I ever heard of; so, here I am publishing the "super fast peach ice-cream".

1 big can of peaches (syrup included);
1 can of condensed milk (350 gr.) - the sweetened condensed milk, not the evaporated milk.

Well, that´s it. You put the ingredients in a blender, robot or whatever you have to mix it up until creamy and then pour it inside a tupperware or a bowl. Now, into the freezer for 20 minutes. Then stir it up with a fork or whisk, and again back to the freezer for 20 minutes; and so on until creamy and cold!!!

The results?? try it for yourself and find out!! It´s so good you won´t believe it!!

Tips: you don´t like peaches? Ok, you can try with pears, pineapple or whichever canned fruit you like. Again: it has to be canned fruit.

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